Beth Gibson Lilja’s Formula for Better Living: Life Organization A-Z

Remember the famous line you always hear on the plane before take-off? “In the event of an emergency, secure the oxygen mask to yourself before assisting others.” Truth be told, that applies to life in general. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t assist others. Not surprisingly, Beth has a list for self-care and easier living. In fact, as a public speaker, the topic is one of her favorite speeches.

“In life, it’s so easy to become consumed with details, work, caring for others and running a household or a business (large or small) that we forget to care for ourselves. Stop it,” says Beth. “Start thinking of actions and routines that ensure you take care of YOU before others. It’s the only way to stay healthy, happy and productive.”

Beth’s “Life Organization A to Z” includes systems for organizing, de-cluttering, networking, fun, preserving memories, better understanding yourself and others, self-care and so much more.

Here’s Beth’s list. For more details, contact Beth, or consider having her speak to your group or organization. It’s a speech that may have you re-thinking how you live and approach each day.

A Artwork (children’s)
B Backup of computer
C Checklists for everything
D Digital files
E Email
F Filing system
G Gifting clutter-free
H Hangers
I Inspirational quotes
J Journaling notes
K Keeping “stuff”
L L.I.F.E. binder
M Make time for yourself | make it your “Best Day Ever”
N Networking
P Photo organization
Q Quicken (QuickBooks)
R Receipts
S Staging area
T Tasklist
U Understanding behavior styles
V Vertical is visual; horizontal is hidden
W Workflow
X Xcellent adventure
Y Your way
Z Zones

If this list has you craving more information, contact Beth. It just may revolutionize your approach to life.

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